Welcome, and thanks for visiting my website. My husband Artie and I are hoping that things will get back to normal this year, and everyone will work together to get vaccinated. That way, we can all come out to the art shows and feel safe.


Our art ahows are finally starting again, but we will have a limited season. I hope you are able to come to one of my shows, so you can see all of the new paintings I've worked on this last year.  


Follow me @maggiethorn48 on Instagram if you would like to see my works in progress. 


My newest painting is "Seaglass and Seashells." I also have quite a few other new works, including "Lucky Cats." Click on the painting link below to see a large version and other new paintings in my “New And Recent Work” Gallery.


New Work: Seaglass and Seashells


2021 Art Show schedule is tentative and subject to additions and revisions. At this point, many shows are unsure of schedules, because of COVID-19. I'll keep you informed. As always, I can be reached by email. (


Upcoming Shows: