Welcome, and thanks for visiting my website.My husband Artie and I are getting ready for the 2019 season. I love doing shows and meeting so many new people. It energizes me to paint more! Thanks to everyone who has visited me last year or in the past and/or purchased paintings. I have lots of new paintings for you to see this year.


My work is generated from my life's experiences and all the interesting objects around me in the world. I never run out of ideas because I love to turn mudane objects into painting subjects. I paint things that make me feel good, so I hope it makes you feel good, too.


I'm excited that I just finished a painting called "Green Sea Turtles." I love these amazing turtles and have had an opportunity to swim with them in the Galapagos Islands. Click on the painting link below to see a large version and other new paintings in my “New And Recent Work” Gallery.

Green Sea Turtles

New Work: Green Sea Turtles


2019 Art Show schedule is tentative and subject to additions and revisions.


Upcoming Shows: